About Ruanmai

Welcome to Thailand.
Welcome back.

Ruanmai focuses on creating a restaurant that makes you "want to visit Thailand" and "like Thailand." We want everyone to know about Thailand through cooking.
Japanese people of all ages can enjoy not only the authentic taste that Thai students can understand but also the menu with less spiciness. Please feel free to ask the staff if you have any preference for your order.

Punctiliousness in ingredients and tastes

We use abundant seasonings ordered from Thailand, including our proud handmade sauce, which is the heart of Thai food seasoning, to create authentic Thai flavors.
There are also seasonal limited menus that we use seasonal ingredients such as mangoes.

Even the food presentation, The Thai chef's punctiliousness

Taking advantage of the spiciness and aroma characteristic of Thai food, we will cook in a short time without losing the texture and umami of the ingredients.
The dishes prepared by a veteran Thai chef can be enjoyed in taste and presentation. Please visit and enjoy the freshness at the restaurant.